Access from JR Kyoto Station
Access from JR Kyoto Station

How to take a City Bus at JR Kyoto station
How to take a City Bus at JR Kyoto station

Bus Fare

A flat fare 230JPY covering most sightseeing spots in the city.
Pay the fare when you get off.
You can break 500/1000JPY in a bus but you’ll feel easy if you have small change beforehand.
Press a red button nearby when you see your destination Nijojo-mae (二条城前) on the fare display.
If you are using buses more than three times in a day,One Day Bus Pass (500JPY) is a good buy.
You can get one from a bus driver or at convenient stores. You can also use ICOCA, Suica, PASMO and other IC cards.

Stops and Bus numbers

The bus terminal is on Kyoto Tower side.
Get out from the central gate, soon you’ll find the terminal in front.
Catch 9 at B1, 50 or 101at B2 and get off at Nijojo-mae (二条城前).
The bus comes every 5 min and it takes about 20-30 min.

Your bus is a City Bus (市バス).
Please do not take a Kyoto Bus /JR Bus (京都バス/JRバス).

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